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Stock Pro Elite Ltd are an expert analyst firm that uses trained and experienced stocks and shares, FX and Crypto analysts to predict a rise in specific stocks and shares, FX and Crypto.  We do the hard work for you, spending countless hours researching and analysing.  We then send our members a fact sheet on each stock pick.  Every fact sheet is informative but simplistic to give members a clear insight into the stocks we are closely monitoring and why.



Naked Wines


Norwegian Cruise Line




Lennar Corporation


Why Stock Pro Elite

There are so many reasons why Stock Pro Elite is for you

Experienced Data Scientists

Our team analyse the market gaining insights for potential growth in share value.

A Proven Approach

We conduct extensive research and due diligence on companies and industries.

Beginners and Experts

We offer a personal tailored service, so Stock Pro Elite is perfect for people of all levels.

Chat To An Expert

Our Analysts are on hand if you need advice via Email, WhatsApp and Zoom.


Each and every member is important to us. We are confident over a period of time you can make profit, and we know when you do, you will want to tell your friends about Stock Pro Elite. For every friend you refer who signs up to be a member of our community, we will send you a £50 gift voucher for a shop or brand of your choice.












Harvey Nichols

Our Membership

Our package gives you everything you need to succeed



 a month

The offer is membership for £50 per month for a limited time period only.
Specific information on 'Stock Watches'.
Guidance to set up a stocks & shares trading account for beginners (if needed).
Direct access to chat with our Analysts via WhatsApp / Text & 20 minute call time allocation per month per member with one of our Analysts.
Invitation to an annual event hosted in a different location each year. Our event includes a prestigious venue, Food & Beverages, Guest speakers & Entertainment.
Generous gift voucher rewards for referrals and loyalty. Vouchers are connected to Food/Drink, Entertainment, Home, Travel & more.
Refer a member and get a gift voucher of your choice.


Our members really do love our product

Elizabeth Hamilton

“At first I was dubious about following Stock Pro Elites picks but after seeing the way they present their fact sheets and how they correctly chose Cineworld, Majestic Wines and then Norwegian Cruise Line, I signed up up to their membership subscription and am already excited about ETSY, my first Stock Pro Elite fact sheet since being a member and one I have invested into”.

Bryan Jay

“Consistent, professional and reliable”

Dr Somaji

“Since following Stock Pro Elites picks my profit has increased visibly in just three months... good work SPE!’

Harinder Singh

“As a beginner in investing into Stocks and Shares I have always wanted to dabble with a small amount but never had the confidence, thanks to Stock Pro Elite I have learned so much in a friendly way”.

Elliott Pickvance

“I have numerous stocks in my portfolio and I like that Oliver speaks to me about my other stocks and tells me what his opinions are and why”.

Claire Reed

“Stock Pro Elite are awesome, I don’t know what I would do without them and how I managed before!”

Martin Goldman

“I am so impressed by such a professional service, for only £50pm it’s an absolute no-brainer. Thank you Stock Pro Elite!”

Jordan Hunter

“What a fresh, unique and needed concept. So different from the typical opinionated WhatsApp groups full of egos and so inconsistent in opinions. I really like Stock Pro Elite and am looking forwards to seeing future picks”.


Out in the world

Putin ready to step in to help solve Europe’s gas crisis

Gemma Holloway20 October 2021
President Vladimir Putin has stated that he is ready to meet Europe’s demand for natural gas, blaming the continent’s current energy crisis on flawed policies rather than a lack of supply. Europe’s largest gas supplier is raising deliveries in line with requests from its customers and has openly stated they are willing to take additional […]

Become the best Market Trader you can be

Gemma Holloway3 September 2021
Most traders will have heard the statistics that ‘95% of retail traders lose money’. It has recently been reported that 67% of CMC Markets’ retail customers lose money, while at IG Group the figure is 70% and Plus500 it is 72%. It is likely that most beginners were attracted to CFD trading (as opposed to […]


Below are the answers to some of our most frequently asked questions. If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, please send us a message using the form below.

How does being a member of Stock Pro Elite work for me?

Stock Pro Elite was created to give investors full control over their money and stock portfolio.  We do the hard work for you, spending countless hours researching and analysing.  We then send our members our Stock Watches, the information we provide is simplistic to give members a clear insight into the stocks we are closely monitoring and why. Our track record to date has put us ahead of our projected 48% Return On Investment year 2021.  A membership with Stock Pro Elite gives each member access to our expert analysts to discuss our picks as well as other stocks within a member’s portfolio.

Buying stocks have become simpler than ever thanks to mobile apps, our two preferred brokers we recommend are Hargreaves Lansdowne and Freetrade. Both are extremely easy to set up an account with, if you need help with this, we can walk you through it via WhatsApp or zoom call. Once your account is set up, you can search the stock of choice, click the “Deal Now” icon and can deposit the funds from your bank account instantly. 

Most Definitely, the service we are providing is very personal so we are easily accessible via messaging or scheduled zoom calls. The service we offer gives members an insight into our own stock picks and various other stocks.  If there is a particular stock you are interested in but are not sure where to start, please let us know and we can assist with the research.

You can access our analysts via WhatsApp / email which you will receive a dedicated number in your starter pack when you first sign up, if your query is something you think will be better discussed via zoom or phone call you can schedule a call with our analysts as and when you please, just simply email us your preferred time and we will do our best to accommodate.

All of this information and more is contained within the Stock Pro Elite fact sheets which are sent out via Email or WhatsApp on every stock we pick.

Yes, we have been picking stocks since January 2021 and can provide a fact sheet for each stock we have picked to date.

Yes! Although we don’t believe you will want to, if for any reason you want to cancel your membership you can do this by giving one months notice by email to info@stockproelite.com and we will cancel the payment coming out of your bank for the next month, you will still have full access to our services for the remainder of that month.

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