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We spend a lot of time researching and we often come across many very interesting articles. Every week we will keep you up to date with what is going on in the industry so you don't have to spend your time reading hundreds of articles, listening to hours of podcasts, and deciphering online forums. Everything you need to know, all in one place.

What to look out for in 2022

Gemma Holloway4 January 2022
Covid-19 continues to complicate global economic recovery. After almost 2 years of the pandemic, there is still no end in sight for where the ‘new world’ is heading. In the stock market, however, things were far less bleak than others could have imagined. In 2021 the S&P 500 was up more than 27% and the […]

FX weekly setup

Gemma Holloway13 December 2021
Monday 13TH December to Friday 17th December 2021 AUD/CAD Entry: 0.90892Stop Loss: 0.91408Take Profit: 0.88773 Comments: Wait for a DAILY candle to close below 0.91000 and make clear rebound from resistance area before entering trade. Alternative: If price closes above 0.91550 then expect further upside towards 0.93000 Major news this week:  15th December 2021 – CPI figures release (CAD). 15th December 2021 […]

FX weekly setup

Gemma Holloway6 December 2021
Monday 6th December to Friday 10th December 2021 CHF/JPY Entry: 122.769Stop Loss: 122.079Take Profits 125.538 Comments: Wait for a DAILY candle to close above 122.850 before entering a trade. Alternative: If price closes below 122.352 then expect further downside towards 121.500 and 121.000. Major news this week: N/A NZD/CAD LONGEntry: 0.86460Stop Loss: 0.85804Take Profit: 0.89453 SHORTEntry: 0.85806Stop Loss: 0.86661Take Profit: 0.83076 […]

Bank of England holds off from interest rate rise

Stock5 November 2021
The Bank of England has held off from raising interest rates and has left them at a historic low of 0.1 per cent even though it also gave its highest inflation forecast for a decade, predicting it would reach 5 per cent by spring next year. However, the bank’s Monetary Policy Committee kept its stance […]

Facebook’s new Metaverse

Gemma Holloway2 November 2021
Probably the biggest news story to come out in markets over the past few days has been the change of branding for Facebook, the social media giant who announced a name change to become Meta. The official stock ticker will change to MVRS at the start of December, but in terms of the branding, Facebook […]


Gemma Holloway29 October 2021
Tesla hit $1 trillion market cap earlier this week following news that Hertz is ordering 100,000 vehicles to strengthen its electric vehicle rental fleet by the end of 2022. Strong sales in Europe along with bullish analyst predictions further boosted Tesla’s stock price. Morgan Stanley’s Adam Jonas raised his price target on Tesla to $1,200 […]

Putin ready to step in to help solve Europe’s gas crisis

Gemma Holloway20 October 2021
President Vladimir Putin has stated that he is ready to meet Europe’s demand for natural gas, blaming the continent’s current energy crisis on flawed policies rather than a lack of supply. Europe’s largest gas supplier is raising deliveries in line with requests from its customers and has openly stated they are willing to take additional […]

Become the best Market Trader you can be

Gemma Holloway3 September 2021
Most traders will have heard the statistics that ‘95% of retail traders lose money’. It has recently been reported that 67% of CMC Markets’ retail customers lose money, while at IG Group the figure is 70% and Plus500 it is 72%. It is likely that most beginners were attracted to CFD trading (as opposed to […]

Rising Inflation

Stock10 August 2021
The Bank of England has forecasted that inflation will hit 4% this year as the UK’s robust recovery from the pandemic accelerates at a blistering pace. They also hinted that an increase in interest rates next year might be needed to keep rising prices in check. However, the world’s central banks all believe that this […]

COVID-19 the Stock Market and Freedom Day

Gemma Holloway19 July 2021
European stock markets opened lower today as investors digested the latest coronavirus news, despite today being dubbed ‘freedom day’ in England. Today England moved into its final stage of relaxing coronavirus restrictions, despite rising concerns from scientists surrounding the faster-spreading Delta variant. The FTSE 100 was down 2.29% by 1pm in London. Germany’s DAX declined […]
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